Flower Girl

When my cousin Peter and  his fiance Kaitlyn asked Sadie if she would be a flower girl in their wedding, I was more excited than she was. She had no idea what being a flower girl meant and I was thrilled that my daughter would get the chance to be a flower girl. (I may still hold a tiny grudge that I never got the chance to be one.) I knew Sadie would be an adorable flower girl too. With her blonde curls and magnetic personality, I knew she’d make a fantastic addition to their wedding party.

My aunt Terry made Sadie’s flower girl dress and it was modeled after Kaitlyn’s beautiful gown. There were several fittings involved as Terry had to get measurements for our long and lean girl. All the while, Sadie still had no clue what this fancy white dress was about.

As the wedding date neared, I decided I better start prepping her on what it meant to be a flower girl, so I did what any normal Mom living in 2010 would do: I turned to YouTube. Sadie and I sat around one afternoon and watched dozens of YouTube videos featuring flower girls. Not surprisingly, many of the videos showed Sadie what NOT to do.

Finally, after much anticipation, the big day arrived. Sadie was a champ. She went swimming in the morning with my parents. This tuckered her out and allowed her to take an early nap. She woke up in time to eat some lunch, take a bath, and head to the church. She was excited to get into her fancy white dress again. She was even more excited when she saw Kaitlyn wearing a fancy white dress too!

In prime form, Sadie “hammed” it up throughout pictures. It will be interesting to see what kind of formal pictures the photographer got, because most of the time Sadie was saying “Cheese!” or “Cock-a-lotta-doo!” or “Happy Birthday!” She was definitely feeding off of the laughter from the rest of the wedding party. Besides a brief moment of whining for milk, Sadie was doing wonderfully. Perfectly. Splendidly.

That is… until about five minutes before she was supposed to walk down the aisle. She decided she had enough of it. She didn’t want to carry the basket. She didn’t want to walk. She didn’t want to do much of anything except find some water so that she could water the flowers in her basket. Of course.

Thankfully, the ring bearer was older… and more experienced. Which is not typically a good thing when you’re talking about a boy for your daughter, but in this case–it was perfect. I asked Sadie if she wanted to hold Ty’s hand and that managed to turn things around. She held his hand, grabbed on to her basket, and thankfully, was ready to go.

And here it is:

Ahh… she made it! She sat with me and Dan throughout the ceremony and was a perfect angel reading books and playing with her dolls. That was until I told her she needed to go back and walk up the aisle with Ty. She didn’t really want to go, so I told her, “Go up front and walk out with Ty okay? Then we can go get cake!” …. and it worked like a charm. She hopped out of my lap and walked back up the aisle.

It was an absolutely beautiful wedding and I am so thankful that Peter and Kaitlyn let us be a part of their special day.

It was fun for us to be able to attend the wedding as a family and look back on our own wedding day. We knew our love for each other would grow, but we could never have imagined the love we would feel for each other as parents.

It was fun for us to see Sadie in her element. She is such a people person. Outgoing. Fun. Spunky. I particularly love this picture of her.

I had told Sadie that there would be dancing and she was super excited for it. She told me once we arrived at the reception site, “I want to sing and dance, Mommy!” I managed to get her to hold out on the dancing for a while with the promise of cake again. Yum. But she could only last so long, she wanted to DANCE. “Um, excuse me sir… When is the dance going to start?”

And the music started… and she danced and danced.

And she fawned over Kaitlyn, “Take me home with you!”

“Really! We can be princesses together forever!”

It was a perfect day. Congratulations to Peter and Kaitlyn! And thank you for allowing our little princess to be a part of your magical day.

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  1. Can she be any more adorable? Nope. Not possible.

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