I’m feeling pretty guilty about neglecting my blog the past few weeks. When I first started this I was committed to writing at least 2 to 3 times a week. Although I’d like to make that happen, I had to realize that I can’t always do it all. Sometimes I have to say no and sometimes I have to say “enough is enough” for one day. I have a tendency to stretch myself pretty thin.

But even when life gets to a point three miles past Crazyville, I know I need to make time for me–carving out time in my day to fill my cup and to recharge my batteries. As a natural extrovert, I love to surround myself with friends and family during my free time. So although my blog, laundry, and the pile of dishes have been neglected lately–I found time to get together with some of my most favorite women in the world.

Alli, Carla and Kasey are friends from high school. It can be a challenge to find a time that fits all of our schedules, but we finally managed to get together for dinner this past weekend. We ate, gossiped, laughed and joked for several hours.

Since blogs are all about sharing, let me share with you some of the most memorable moments of the conversation. Who said what? I’m keeping that part a secret.

Talking about a guy none of us like: “He’s got to get his poop in a group.”

Gossiping about an ex-boyfriend: “He likes himself too much to kill himself.”

Talking about our dating days: “With Ben, I loved him… Well, I still love him by the way.”

On some friendships: “That’s a friendship I’m trying to get rid of.”

On why one of us shouldn’t ice skate (while pregnant): “It’s common sense. Plus, you have weak ankles.”

About a person that’s not in the right career: “Go be a farmer and pick rock.” Huh?!?

When someone told one of us they felt like a fourth wheel: “The fourth wheel? That’s a full car.”

And my personal favorite… after complaining about the city’s water, we were told to smell it: “Oh yep. It smells pretty watery. You would know it. It’s like water, but MORE.”

One thing to never neglect? Friendships.

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One Response to Neglected

  1. Darren Poke says:

    Great post.

    It can be difficult to maintain a routine of writing when there is so much going on in life, but you are right to prioritise spending time with your friends, especially when they are so quotable.



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