Don’t have a ton of time to write tonight, but thought I’d share with you some of my favorite moments from this week:

  • Sadie telling Dan, “I want a kiss, too!” after seeing him give me a kiss.
  • Receiving a bunch of wonderful comments on my passion post from Monday.
  • Getting flowers at work from Dan for our 4 year anniversary.
  • Going out to lunch and enjoying wonderful conversation with a co-worker/friend.
  • Watching Sadie play with sidewalk chalk and pretending to write her letters. I overheard her say “M-O-M.” Seriously. (Genius, right?)
  • Enjoying Dan’s famous burgers on our deck last night. Delicious food, perfect weather, and family are always a winning combination.
  • Going for a walk around Normandale Lake with a dear friend.
  • Bottomless chips and salsa. Need I say more? Well, sharing them with a BFF made it even better.
  • Listening to Sadie say almost all of the words of her prayers with me. To top it off–she shouted “Amen!” at the end.
  • Walking with Dan and Sadie to the nearby ice cream shop. She pushed her stuffed puppies in her stroller all the way there and would stop to say hello and chat with all of the neighbors.
  • Cuddling on our bed and reading books together as a family.

I cherish these moments.

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