Missy from The Marketing Mama is having a blog carnival today on the topic: “What are you passionate about?” Head on over to her site to see what other bloggers have to say about passion.

I felt like joining in, but my creativity is lacking right now. I’m pretty sure God gives me a cup full of creativity each morning. But today, I am pretty sure I have about two drops of creativity left in my cup. For some reason, I seem to be drawn to acronyms when my creativity is lacking. So here we go… What am I passionate about?

Profession. My profession–both as a Mom and as a Training Manager (Human Resources). First of all, I love being a mom. Best job in the world. Secondly, I feel incredibly blessed to do make money doing something I enjoy. I love to teach. I am energized when I can actually watch someone learn. That priceless look on their face that says, “I get it now.” Or, as I like to think they are thinking, “Ah-ha! So this is the missing key of what I have been missing all my life! Thank you, Jana–you a life-saver!”

Aunt. Being an aunt. Okay, so I am not an aunt… yet. But in about 80 days (and hopefully not any sooner), I will be. I cannot wait will wait patiently for the day when I get to meet my little niece or nephew. Without a doubt, I was meant to be a mom. But I’m also pretty sure God meant for me to be an aunt.

Sadie. My daughter. The greatest gift from God that I could have ever imagined. She is so sweet and incredibly smart. I honestly am not sure how I ended up with the perfect child, but I did. I’m pretty much obsessed with her. (This is about the point where I start to freak out about choosing to go with an acronym. There’s no ‘D’ in passion. How am I going to mention Dan?!)

Spouse. Dan! I did it! *sigh of relief* I am passionately in love with Dan and am so grateful to have been his wife for four years. He is a perfect blend of looks, brains and personality. When I think of passion, how can I not think of him?

Interpersonal Relationships. Here’s where I go out on a limb because the word passion does not include an F for family and friends. I believe life is too short to not surround yourself with people and things of excellence. If you are someone I choose to be around, it means you are absolutely special in my book. Thanks for being you.

Out & About. Trying new things. I am not much of a homebody. Give me something new to do. Take me out. I don’t live by routine. I enjoy spontaneity.

Nothing compares to the passion I have for Jesus–the One who is passionate about me.


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If you’d like to join us, email Missy from the Marketing Mama with the link to your post: missy(at)themarketingmama(dot)com.

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9 Responses to Passionately

  1. Missy says:

    Love your post! I feel like I know you better now – very creative, actually, on the acronym. And funny! Yes, sounds like you have many passions in your life. 🙂 thanks so much for participating in the carnival!

  2. Mellissa says:

    I loved reading all of these and it makes so thankful that we are all able to purse what our passion are.

  3. Nicely done.

    I always say I’m not a teacher and don’t have the patience to teach. But that’s because I’m only thinking of a classroom teacher (which my husband is). But I love your description of ‘That priceless look on their face that says, “I get it now.”’ I also love seeing that, even if I’m just explaining something simple like how to do something on the computer and especially when my 5yo is working really hard to understand something and I finally find the words that make it click for her. It really is an amazing feeling.

  4. Ruby Leigh says:

    ”I get it now.” Or, as I like to think they are thinking, “Ah-ha! So this is the missing key of what I have been missing all my life!

    Indeed – this is good!

  5. Kate says:

    That is a great idea using that acronym to describe your passions. It makes it a bit more challenging to try to fit them to the idea. And yes, it does reveal a lot about you!

  6. Robin says:

    Thanks for sharing your passions in such a creative way! Looks like you had more than “two drops” left. Congratulations on the impending aunt-hood – it’s a fun adventure and a great way to make a difference in the life of another child.

  7. Jenny says:

    Great reminder of who #1 is. Yes we have many things in our lives, none of which would be possible without our maker. God bless and thank you for sharing your passions.

  8. Amanda says:

    Great job. I love them all, especially the very, very last!! 🙂

    Be blessed-

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