My daughter is a “peanut.” I’ve also heard “She’s so tiny!” or “I could fit her in my pocket!” You see, at 27 months old, she’s just over twenty two pounds and isn’t on the charts. We have heard for over 2 years now that she’s in the negative fifth percentile for weight. Which statistically would mean–for every one hundred 2 year old girls, one hundred and five are heavier than her.

Well, I know she’s little compared to others her age. But if you ask me, she’s HUGE.

Sadie was born weighing one pound, nine ounces. Grab six sticks of butter and that was my girl. Today she weighs about 20 pounds more than that. You know what that means? She weighs more than FOURTEEN TIMES her birth weight. If she was a typical 7 pound newborn and had gained weight at the same rate, she would be an approximately 100 pound toddler.

When I look at her, I don’t see how small she is compared to others… I see how far she’s come.

It’s all a matter of perspective.

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5 Responses to Perspective

  1. Susie Prady says:

    Jana, I love hearing your perspective! Being a part of Sadie’s life, I know first hand the milestones she has over come. The best part of Sadie is, she has no idea how small she is. Her personality is larger than most. She can make a 110 pound lab sit, lay down and fetch. What an amazing daughter you have. Thank you for sharing her with me.

  2. Liz says:

    I know a fraction of that perspective and it really changes the whole picture. Sadie is beautiful inside and out and her personality is bigger than her weight at birth and at 2, but I’m sure you know that too.

  3. Amanda says:

    Jana, this is so great! I love your thoughts on here. Sadie is fabulous no matter how big or small she is. You’re a great mom and she has come a long way from where she started… If you ask me, she’s a perfect Sadie. 🙂

  4. Bobbi towle says:

    The greatest things can come in those “tiny” packages.

  5. Allison Stevens says:

    Being a mother of a preemie myself I couldn’t have said it better.

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