Margaritas, Bingo, and a Dance-Off!

I’m all about birthdays. Parties. Celebrations. Any reason to get a group of my friends together. So with my birthday right around the corner, I asked my girl friends to help me celebrate with a night on the town.

The group started the night at my house and headed out to Chili’s for dinner and drinks. We were pleasantly surprised with their 2 for 1 drink specials. Mmm…Margaritas.

(From left clockwise: Bethany, Kasey, Alli, Me!, Chris, Melody, Kristin, Kelly, my mom, Carla, Kayla)

We had a great time. I love how my friends from all walks of life (high school friends, college friends, old work friends, new work friends, church friends, and family) can all come together and have a blast. They’re cool like that. After dinner, we headed on down to Mystic Lake for Cosmic Bingo. I am a big fan of Bingo and anything Cosmic, so I was pretty excited about this.

Cosmic Bingo is nothing like Bingo at the VFW that I sometimes go to with Kayla. No old women giving you dirty looks if you happen to *gasp* whisper. This was crazy, loud and tons of fun. Carla ended up winning on one of the first games. $34! Life changing, right? I’d take it.

A little later the Bingo host looked for two large parties. Of course he headed over to our table right away because we’d been a bit rowdy early on. He asked what the special occasion was and since it was my birthday party, he asked me to follow him across the room while he found somebody else celebrating something special because we were going to have a little friendly competition. Here’s where my heart starts racing. What the heck is he going to have me do?

He found another girl there celebrating her birthday and he brought us to the center of the room. Remember–this room is loud, crazy and there are hundreds of people. This is the part where he tells us what we’re going to do. It’s a good ol’ fashioned DANCE-OFF. Well, my friends know I hate to lose… so I kick off my shoes and may or may not have jumped up on a chair and started dancing. (Thank you friends for having no photographic evidence of this.) The other girl didn’t even put up a fight. I won.

My dance-off win gave my table the chance to all win prizes if we could solve a riddle. [Here is where I would insert the clues to the riddle, but some of the details from last night are a little foggy. The answer was bumper cars, I remember that much.] So what did we win? One thousand dollars! A couple bags of candy… and even some ramen noodles and cheese crackers. I have never been so proud of a prize in my life. I danced my butt off for that candy.

It was an awesome night. I have the best friends. Thanks girls!

Back row from left: Bethany, Kayla, Kristin, Melody, my mom, me, Chris, Tawny. Front row from left: Heidi, Carla

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One Response to Margaritas, Bingo, and a Dance-Off!

  1. Carla Morrone says:

    Love you, Jana! I had a blast. So much fun, in fact, I slept until 9 am today. That is HUGE!

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